martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

This is probably da weirdest post I've ever wroten.

It's raining. Who cares? I care. Songs.Strokes.Love of lesbian. Billy talent. I dont like 'em. no, wait. I love 'em. What the fuck? I'm talking rubbish. rubbish...apples, soda, & that dirty stuff.
There's a moment in our lifes, longer as the flutter of the wings of a butterfly, when just a word, or a kiss, can change your fate.Yeah yeah yeahs. And this moment just appears once in your life, and you dont know when it's gonna appear. Arctic monkeys. And what is da matter if this moment has already appeared in my life?
What's da matter if I've lost my chance?
Diet. Oh, shit. Carrots. Avocado. And that stinky stuff.
Another song. Oh yeah. Old yellow bricks. Memories. Summer. September. Him. Tears.
"You dont have to cry for someone", but... what's da matter if the one who makes u cry is the one who can make u forget da tears & da fears...?
I dunno. I'm not sure bout anything, anymore.
No, wait; I'm sure bout just one thing: love is a tale.
We live waiting for someone who never is gonna appear.
And if he/she does, we won't realise it.
I'm sorry, this is da truth.

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Vipoke dijo...

Probablemente esta es la entrada más rara que has escrito.

Aunque entiendo la mayor parte de las cosas que quieres decir...
Lo mejor es no enamorarse, o al menos tener muuucha paciencia. (;